Women’s Forum

The KCS Women’s forum is a group that connects, educates and supports women of all ages in our community. We value friendship, individuality, education and fostering a sense of cohesiveness among the community members. We provide opportunities and experiences that will empower our members and also inspire them to give back to our community through mentor-ship, volunteering and charity work.

KCS Women’s forum Charity Dinner and Family Night

Upcoming Activities:

Snehanilayam 2018, Charity Dinner - March 17th at 101 Monroe Street, Rockville, MD.

The women's forum of Kerala Cultural society is organizing a fundraising initiative to help build a home for a needy family in Kerala. Hope you all will be able to support us in this endeavor.

Come out to our Charity Dinner on March 17th. If you cannot make it to the event please contribute via the GoFundMe link below.

Here are the details on the family...

Gireeshan is 52, and he used to be a manual laborer (coolie), but was diagnosed with scizophrenia, and can no longer work. He also broke his leg recently and is bed ridden now. His wife is a homemaker. They have two children, a son and a daughter. The older son is trying to finish college with help from a non-profit organization Parivaar NCPO (http://www.parivaarnfpa.org). The younger daughter (17) has developmental disabilities and needs help in all her daily matters. At present, they do not have a house, and are living with Gireeshan’s brother in Kozhikode. There are 12 people living in that house.
Parivaar NCPO is helping to build them a house of their own, and with the funds raised we can help make that possible.



2017 Activities

Charity Dinner fundraiser: The SnehaBhavanam Project Our Fundraising Goal Met! Our annual fundraiser was a grand success and helped raise the funds to help build a house for a needy family. With the kindness and generosity of all our guests we were able to raise the necessary funds for the SnehaBhavanam Project. Great Team Work!


Click here to view pictures from the the Charity Dinner fundraiser.

To see more updates and news use the links below.
Progress on the SnehaBhavanam Project


2017 Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, Volunteering Services
January - dinner sponsored by Sindhu Elakara, Mini Kurup and Lekha Nair. Great going, and a great start to 2017.
February - dinner sponsored by Pushkara Nrityalayam, BIG applause to the ladies.
March – dinner sponsored by Lekha Nair, Renjina Sreeram and Deepanita Das. Way to go!
April - dinner sponsored by Anita Nair, Vrinda Vijayalekshmi, Parvathy Praveen and Archana Sandeep. Thank you ladies.
June: dinner sponsored Preethy Chandran and the girls.
July: dinner sponsored Anita Nair, Divya Aayanoor, Smitha Warrier for sponsoring the dinner.
August:dinner sponsored Lekha Nair.
October - Thanks to Bindu Sandeep, Vrinda Sureshand Aruna Gopan who sponsored this moths dinner.
November - dinner sponsored by Anita Raj and Sindhu Elakkara. Thank you ladies!
December - Thanks to Manjusha Sreeram-Manalel, Susan Variyam and Archana Sandeep who sponsored this months dinner.